How to Configure Department Default FAU's


You will need to configure the Department Default FAU (Financial Accounting Unit) when either ONE of the following occur: a new department is created or correcting the default, suspense, or error fund(s) for an existing Department.

Download and complete the Default FAU form here. This form includes the Oracle chartfield labels and is easier to use than the form on the Location Support SharePoint site.

NOTE: The Default FAU form linked above may appear large on your web browser. You will need to DOWNLOAD a copy to your computer to view the spreadsheet properly and to make edits to the spreadsheet.

To download the form:

  1.  Click on the link to the form
  2.  Select File
  3.  Select Save As
  4.  Select Download a Copy


Essential Information


Department Level FAU Collection tab: The Department Level Funding FAU will be applied to payroll distributions when no funding exists for a given Position/Job at the paysheet (T&A FAU Override) or Funding Entry Position/Position Pool levels.

Suspense FAU Collection tab: The Suspense FAU will be applied when a Position/Employee's current funding distribution has one or more lines with an expired Funding End Date.

Edit Error FAU Collection tab: The Edit Error FAU is the funding source used when a combination code (FAU) is determined to be invalid at time of pay confirm by the Pre-GL Batch Validation process (E-708). Any FAUs determined to be invalid at this time will be redirected to the configured Edit Error FAU.

Distribution of Payroll Expense (DoPE) report will use the Program code chartfield to show type of error.


Next Steps 

  1. Determine the chartstring for your Default Project FinU
    1. See KB0032079: How to Find a Default Project for your Financial Unit (FinUnit)
    2. DFLT Project and Task 2 are used for position funding errors
  2. Fill out the FAU template
    1. Download and complete the template linked in the Overview section above.
      1. See Instructions tab on FAU template
    2. If this is part of a new department creation, you will also need to fill out a Department Table Request form
  3. Submit a SNOW ticket to CCP and attach the completed templates:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on 'Submit a Ticket to Budget and Finance Support'
    3. In the 'I want to...' field, select "Make a request"
    4. In the 'About field, select 'Financial Accounting'
    5. In the 'Related to...field, select 'Payroll Financial Management'
    6. In the "More Specifically...field, select 'Payroll Reporting'
    7. In the 'Subject' field, type in "Create New Dept XXXXXX" or "Update Default FAU Dept XXXXXX"
    8. In the 'Description' field type a short description
    9. Click on 'Add attachments' and add the completed FAU Template (and Department Table Request if creating a New Dept)
    10. Click 'Submit'


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.