How to View Cost Transfer Approvers


This article describes how to search for the Cost Transfer Approval Group after a Cost Transfer has been submitted and view the Level 4 Financial Unit information.

Critical Concepts

The action of content transferring from somewhere to the Project Financial Unit will drive the Cost Transfer Approval Workflow. 

Financial Unit Designations:

Steps to Take

Find Approval Group

There are 2 ways to locate Approval Group members while Cost Transfer transaction is pending:

Method 1: requires users to be the initiator or in the workflow group to follow this method

Method 1: Identify the pending transaction 

     1. Go to Oracle at

     2. Use the Company Single Sign On

     3. Go to Projects and Awards

     4. Select Costs

     5. Expand the TASK bar on the right hand side

     6. Under Review and Adjust, select Manage Project Costs

     7. Identify Project Number

     8. Search for Project Number

     9. Select Manage Project Costs, select specific Transaction that was processed as cost transfer > Adjustment History

     10. Go to the Workflow or Worklist

     11. Search for the Transaction

     12. Open History

     13. In Stage or Participant, review the workflow hierarchy and note the Group Name, indicates the Level 4 Financial Unit transaction belongs to e.g. 300204C

Method 2: 

     1. Go to

     2. Select Budget & Finance

     3. Click on Projects & Award Panoramas

     4. Select UCSD-DSH Project Cost Transfer Panorama

     5. Run Report

     6. Under Additional Cost Transfer Reports, Select Transfer Approval Details

     7. In the UCSD-BIP Cost Transfers Workflow Details enter the following:

          a. Transfer Date To: Date initiated

          b. Transfer Date From: Date initiated

          c. Project Owning Organization:  Select or All

          d. Initiated By: Select or All

          e. Workflow Status: Select or All

          f. Original Transaction Number : Original Cost Transfer Transaction#

     8. Select Apply

     9. In the results, under Assigned Role: indicates the Level 4 Financial Unit the transaction currently belongs to: e.g., 300202C

Use Campus User Roles Report to Look Up Cost Transfer Approvers

     1. Go to Oracle at

     2. Use the Company Single Sign On

     3. Navigate to Home and follow the path below

          4. Tools

          5. Reports and Analytics

          6. All Folders

          7. Shared Folders

          8. Custom

          9. UCSD Campus

          10. UCSD Campus Reports

          11. User Roles Report

     12. For additional instructions view KB0032242: How to Look Up User Roles in Oracle

     13. In the Campus User Roles Report, in the Role Name field, enter e.g. 300204C or 300202C, from          the Group Name obtained in either Method 1 or Method 2 

     14. Select Apply, the list of names populated are individuals who can approve the Cost Transfer

Find My Level 4 Financial Unit

      1. Go to

      2. Select Company Single Sign On

      3. Use your UCSD Active Directory Credentials to Sign on

      4. Select UCSD-DSH Chart of Accounts Panorama

      5. Run Report

      6. Select or Type your Financial Unit and Apply

Additional Resources for University Cost Transfer Training:

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket