How to Use SPARCM and Oracle for Clinical Trial Billing Reconciliation


How to use multiple tools to reconcile Clinical Trial Budgets across both SPARCM and Oracle

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Understanding the Clinical Trial Financial Summary

  1. Click the Projects and Awards tab then click the Contracts module
  2. In the Number field enter the Award/Contract number
  3. Click on the Award/Contract number, click the Financial Summary tab
  4. This will display six columns which are displayed and defined below:
    • Contract Amount: This is the Budget amount, equivalent to the Funding amount
    • Invoiced: The amount of money that has been Invoiced but not necessarily paid
    • Revenue: Revenue recognized based on Billing, Revenue represents the accrual of services rendered and what has been Invoiced, but may not represent what has been paid
    • Backlog: This is the Contract amount minus the Invoiced amount to give the the total amount of funds still available for Billing
    • Profit: Total Revenue minus the total Project Cost
    • Margin: Profit divided by total Revenue 

How to View Invoice Details and Payments by Award

  1. Click the Projects and Awards tab then click the Contract Invoices module
  2. From the Task menu, click Manage Invoices, in Business Unit, select UCSD CAMPUS, in Contract number field, enter the Award/Contract number, make sure the Date field is blank
  3. Click Search to bring up all Invoices associated with the Award
  4. In the Number column, click the desired number to view Invoice Details
  5. Click View Receivables Invoice to view the PDF of the Invoice
    • The description will be the same as the SPARCM Invoice number 
    • The Invoice was sent in SPARCM and recorded in Oracle, meaning the Invoice will not be sent from OFC, but payment will be received in Oracle
  6. Click Contract tab to view payment and Invoice information on the Contract level 
    • Funded Amount: Equal to the total Budgeted amount listed in the Contract
    • Consumed Amount: Amount that has already been invoiced
    • Funds Available: The Funded amount minus the Invoiced amount
    • Invoiced Amount: The amount that has been Billed to Sponsors
    • Receipt Amount: Total payment amount received
    • Unpaid Amount: Total outstanding balance that has not been paid
    • Hard Limit: The total maximum amount that a study can Invoice for which is equal to the Funded amount

 Reconciling Between Oracle and SPARCM

  1. From access the Accounts Receivable Panorama
  2. Under Additional AR Reports click SPARCM to OFC Transaction Number Link
  3. Search using either an Award number, SPARCM Invoice number, or OFC Transaction number
    • You may use wild card searches using the percent sign (%), and Invoice numbers are case sensitive

The SPARCM Invoice number will be the same as the description in the OFC Invoice Details page which also matches the SPARCM INV_NUM in the OFC Transaction Link Report

In SPARCM there are several Invoice Statuses

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