How to Submit a Procurement Card Delegation of Authority Request in Concur


This article demonstrates how to submit a Procurement Card Delegation of Authority Request in Concur. Please note, only a cardholder can submit a a Delegation of Authority request in Concur. Delegation of Authority requests cannot be submitted by anyone other than the cardholder. A delegate can prepare the request, but it must be submitted by the cardholder. The Request will be routed to the cardholder's P-Card Department Administrator (DA) and Financial Unit approver before reaching the Procurement Card team for final review and approval.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Procurement Card Delegation of Authority Request

  1. Log into Concur using your Single Sign-On.
  2. Click on the Requests module.

  3. Complete the Request Header with the following fields:
    1. In Request Type, select University Credit Card Request. The University Credit Card Request form will update and display.
    2. In Request name, enter "Delegation of Authority"
    3. In Date, click on the calendar icon to the right and select today's date, or manually enter today's date.
    4. In Payment Product Type, select Procurement Card.
    5. Select your Financial Unit and Financial Unit Approver. If you have questions on what to enter here, please speak with your fund manager. 
    6. In the Comment, enter "Requesting Delegation of Authority to submit P-card Expense Reports."
    7. Once the required fields are completed, select Create Request.  
  4. Under Expected Expenses, select Add to select an expense type.
  5. A pop-up will display and under University Card select PCard Expense Report Delegation.

  6. A new window will display. Complete the following required fields:
    1. Enter the last 4 digits of your existing Procurement Card.
    2. Your UCPath Employee ID will be automatically completed.
    3. In the Detailed business purpose for this request box, enter the reason you are requesting for expense report delegation.
    4. Once the required fields are completed, click Save.

  7. Click Submit Request

  8. In the Final Review pop-up:
    1. Read and review the Procurement Card Expense Delegation Agreement.
    2. Scroll and read through the rest of the Card & Payment Product Requests acknowledgements.
    3. Once you are done, click Accept & Continue to submit the request.
  9. Once the request is submitted by the cardholder, the request will be routed to the cardholder's Department Administrator (DA), then their Financial Unit Approver, before routing to Central Office for final review and approval.
  10. You can check to see if your account has been authorized to have others submit Expense Reports on your behalf in Concur:
    1. Click Profile on the top right corner of your Concur.
    2. Click Profile Settings
    3. On the left-hand menu, under Expense Settings, select Expense Information.

    4. If the field PCard Expense Report Delegation has a check mark in the box, your Concur Profile has Procurement Card Expense Report Delegation.
  11. If there is not a check mark, your Concur profile does not have authority for others to submit Procurement Card Expense Reports on your behalf.
    1. If this should be checked, review the status of your Concur Request to verify that it has been approved. If the request has been approved by Central Office and you have not been granted expense report delegation, please submit a ticket to the Procurement Card team in Services and Support for further review.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.