How to Request the UCSD WF PCard Administrator JR Role


 This article will describe how to request the Procurement Card Department Administrator Role (UCSD WF PCard Administrator JR) using the Oracle and Concur Role Request form

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Use Oracle and Concur Role Request to request roles to be added only

2. In Requested by, enter your email address, or the person you are requesting on behalf of

3. In Email, will populate the person's email address for you

4. In Standard Roles Section, Does the person approve financial transactions or cost transfers in Oracle and Concur?, select Yes

5. Click the checkbox to under the Acknowledgement section

6. Click Next

7. In Oracle & Concur Approvers, select Options

8. Is the person responsible for approving financial transactions on behalf of Financial Units?, select No

9. Is the person responsible for approving PPM project cost transfers on behalf of certain Financial Units?, select No

10. Does the person have a Delegation of Authority for University Department Head signed by their Vice Chancellor?, select No

11. Does the person have a Delegation of Authority for University Sponsored Special Entertainment signed by the Chancellor?, select No

12. Is the person responsible for the operations and administration of a Procurement Card Program?, select Yes

13. Select the financial unit that will approve this request (to facilitate the request approval process only)

14.Click Next

15. Click Submit

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket