How to Edit and Review Chart of Accounts (CoA) information as an Approver


This article demonstrates how to review and edit Chart of Accounts (CoA) information as an Approver.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Reviewing Chart of Accounts (COA) Information:

1. To review CoA information as an Approver, log into Concur using your Single Sign-On. See KB0032034: How to log into Concur for guidance on logging in.

2. On the Concur home page, click on the Home dropdown and select Approvals

3. Approvals display in 2 tabs, Requests and Expense Reports. 

4. In this example, select an Expense Report, select Details, then Allocations.

5. A pop-up window will appear. Select Summary to view a breakdown of the Chart of Account information for the entire Expense Report.

6. You can also view the Allocations for any individual Expense line that displays a Pie Chart symbol.

7. To review that information, select the Expense and then the Allocate button in the bottom right.

Editing Chart of Accounts (CoA) Information:

1. There are two ways to edit CoA information as an Approver for an:

a. Individual Expense

b. Entire Expense Report

2. To edit CoA information for an individual charge, select the charge and then the Allocate button in the bottom right.

3. Make the desired changes to allocations, you can:

a. Add a New Allocation: add additional allocation.

b. Allocate By: select percentage or amount.

4. Click Save to save your changes

5. To edit the CoA information for an entire Expense Report, select the desired Report, select Details and then Allocations.

6. Select the expenses you want to update the Allocation for and then select Allocate Selected Expenses.

7. Edit CoA information as necessary and select Save to save your changes.


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