How to Request a Receivables Activity for Miscellaneous Receipts


 Defining Receivables Activities

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

To Request Receivables Activities

1. Submit a ticket to request a receivables activity using:

About: Billing & Receivables
Related To: Incoming Payments
More Specifically: Payment Application Inquiries & Requests

2. In the Description of the Services & Support ticket, provide the following information related to fields in screenshot, outlined in table below:

Business UnitUCSD Campus, UCSD Medical Center, UCSD Physicians Group, UCSD Population Health
NamePrefix with your three letter department code followed by hyphen and name of the activity you are creating, i.e. HDH-Catering, BAq-Retail, SOM-Interest
DescriptionFree text field, enter details of the activity you are requesting
TaxableYes or No - If yes, include tax rate
GL Account SourceProvide the COA chart string information where the income for the activity will be coded to


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket