Steps to Copy/Paste Reporting Objects in Oracle BI


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Login to Oracle
2. Click Tools > Reports and Analytics
3. In Reports and Analytics work area, on far right, click Browse Catalog button
4. Catalog page has all reporting Objects stored in various folder structures under 2 main categories:

My Folder: It is a personal folder and content is not visible or accessed by another user
Shared Folder: It is a shared space which has various folder structures with reporting Objects, visible and accessible to all users with the BI Consumer role

5. You can copy reporting Objects from one location to another like from My Folder to Shared Folder or from one folder to another within Shared Folder and My Folder 
6. Select a Folder or reporting Object, Objects will display 
7. There are 3 ways to copy reporting Objects like Analysis, Prompts, Dashboard, Data model, Report or entire folder, as shown below

a. On desired Object, select More drop down, select Copy
b. Select Object on right, will be highlighted, select Copy button from Tool bar
c. Select Object on right, will be highlighted, in Tasks panel on left, select Copy

8. To paste the copied Objects in the destination folder there are 2 options available highlighted below in yellow:

a. Select the desired destination folder, select Paste Button from Tool Bar
b. Select the desired destination folder, select Paste Option from Tasks Panel

Copy and Pasting a Regular Reporting Object

We already have an analysis which is very near to our requirement in Shared Folder but needs a few more columns to be added or removed, due to requested Ad-hoc analysis

1. Using below steps, copy an analysis from Shared > Custom Folder to My Folder
2. In Shared Folders, browse to the required analysis and select the analysis, e.g. UCSD-A Merchant Transaction Report
3. Use the More drop down, select Copy or select Object, select Copy button on the Tool bar or Copy in Task panel

4. Go to My Folders, select the folder location to paste the copied analysis, you may not have any folders created within My Folders 
5. To create a New Folder in My Folders, select the icon on far left of Tool bar that resembles a graph
6. At top of menu, select New Folder
7. In the New Folder dialog box, enter the name of Folder, and click OK
8. To continue with paste of Object, click on Paste button from tool bar as shown 
9. Multiple Paste options are available just like Copy

10. Use the same steps to copy and paste an entire Folder
11. Select the desired Folder that needs to be copied
12. Click Copy using one of the options highlighted in yellow 

13. Go to destination location in My Folder and click on Paste option from Tasks Panel as shown below

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