How to Purchase Inventorial Equipment in Oracle Procurement


This article displays how properly purchasing inventorial equipment in Oracle Procurement. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

Check the Inventorial Equipment Box

Perform the below steps on each line item on the requisition required to place the equipment into service/use (i.e. components, installations, software, etc.)

  1. Click the line item.
  2. In Checkout, in Billing, scroll to the right and click the Inventorial Equipment box.

Add a Comment

  1. In Attachments, click +
  2. In Type, select Text
  3. In Category, select Miscellaneous.
  4. In File Name or URL, indicate which line items are associated with inventorial equipment and provide any additional information.
    1. Example 1: All lines make up one piece of equipment
    2. Example 2: Lines 4, 5, 6, and 7 are necessary components for the equipment on line 1
    3. Example 3: (shown above): All lines create three separate inventorial instruments Mfr: Advanced Technologies Consultants (ATC), Model: Universal Robot 3e
  5. In Title, enter EQM.


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