How to Procure a Bus Charter


This article describes how to procure a Bus Charter

Critical Concepts

Choose from the following request forms, dependent on the quote provided by the Supplier:

Steps to Take

Processing a Bus Charter 

Services with Fixed Price

  1. Login to Oracle, navigate to Purchase Requisitions
  2. In Request Forms, select Services with Fixed Price or Services with Time-Based Rate
  3. Once all required information has been filled in, click Add to Cart

4. Review your information and enter your requisition name, select the Shopping Cart icon

5. Click Review

Checking Out

  1. In Room Number, enter NA
  2. Attach any Quotes, Invoices, Documents etc. by clicking on the Attachments + icon

4. Review the information and click Submit

Bus Charter Documentation 

Attach the following completed documents:

  1. Quotation from the chosen Supplier and any additional Quotes
  2. Certificate of Liability Insurance as described in BUS-63 

Contractors/ External Users

Commercial General Liability Per Occ/Agg

Auto Liability Combined Single Limit

Workers’ Compensation & Employers Liability

Chartered Public Carrier (ground) 1-6 passengers




Chartered Public Carrier (ground) 7-20 passengers




Chartered Public Carrier (ground) 21+ passengers


$15MM combined single limit


UCSD Representative Contacts 

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494