How to Upload and Email Receipts to Concur


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Uploading Receipts from the Computer

1. After logging into Concur via Single-Sign on, from the Quick Taskbar select Available Expenses or, at the top of the home page, click on Expense 

2. Scroll down to Available Receipts at the bottom of the page
3. Select Upload Receipt Image and attach file

Note: Files saved in the receipt bank will be available for attachment to a Concur document (e.g., Procurement Card transaction, Travel Expense Report) at any time
Acceptable file formats in Concur include .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .tif, or .tiff (5MB limit per file)

Emailing Receipts Directly to Concur

Verifying Your Email (one-time initial setup)

1. Within Concur, click on Profile in the upper right, then Profile Settings
2. In the upper-left Profile menu, under Your Information, select Email Addresses

3. You should see your UCSD email address there, with a status of Not Verified, select the Verify link

4. The system will send you an email to your UCSD email address with a verification code, enter the code in the Enter Code dialog box, then select OK

5. Check the status to confirm that the Verification Status updated to Verified

6. If you need to add additional alias email addresses then click Add an Email Address, which will open up a new line to enter the email address and repeat the same instructions above

Sending Receipts via Email

1. Forward the email with your receipt image as an attachment or in the body of the email to or from your verified email address
2. Delegates can also email receipts on behalf of another employee to or by providing the user’s verified email address in the Subject Line of the email
3. With ExpenseIt, the tool scans and digitizes your receipts - creating Expense entries for you to easily add to your Expense Reports
Note: It may take a few minutes for the receipt to make its way to your Concur receipt bank

Using the SAP Concur mobile app

You have two options within the mobile app for what happens with your images:

1. Create Expenses instantly by utilizing the ExpenseIt receipt scanning feature (default setting)

a. The ExpenseIt feature is especially helpful in saving time and effort when using the receipt image for a reimbursement as you can create the Expense and place it immediately onto an Expense Report

b. Capture Receipts for charges that you want to attach to an Expense Report at another time

2. The Receipt feature may be useful if you are using the receipt for a card Expense (e.g., Procurement Card transaction) that you may later attach to an Expense Report and edit Expense Details directly in the tool

a. For extensive email receipts, it may be easier to upload online from your computer

Please see the Knowledge Base Article on how to manage receipts with the Concur mobile app

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494