Types of e-markets


An e-market is a customizable online storefront that allows campus departments to establish themselves as merchants to sell approved products, fees, and services. The are two types of e-markets currently being offered by the E-market team in the Central Cashier's Office are the Storefront e-market. and the Checkout e-market.

Next Steps

Below is a brief comparison of the three configuration options to consider for e-market deployments: 

Storefront (One-Time) 

Storefront (Recurring) 


For departments that need to set up an online storefront for a temporary period and is not expected to be in use again. 

For departments that expect to have their online storefront available all year long or on a recurring basis. 

For departments that need highly customizable shopping sites with enhanced features that are not available with a Transact storefront e-market option.  

Complete store, from shopping to check-out, hosted entirely in the Transact environment. Online store experience is outside of Transact environment. Transact serves as the payment processor. 
Primarily targeted for rapid deployment and lower volume sites. Primarily targeted for higher volume and/or web-hosted solutions such as Aventri/Shopify or internally developed home-grown site created by the department. 
Low technical skills required, with most changes done in web-based GUI interface. Moderate to high technical skills required; likely to require IT involvement 
Uses a generic merchant ID (MID) that is managed and owned by the Central Cashier’s Office.  Requires departments to have their own merchant ID and complete necessary PCI training and documents. 

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