How to Procure a Vessel Charter


The article provides guidance on procuring a Vessel Charter, detailing the process of selecting and completing a Vessel Charter Agreement based on specific needs. It includes essential information about three types of agreements: Vessel Charter Agreement for commercial and private charters with passengers, Work Boat Charter Agreement for equipment transport without passengers, and Bareboat Charter Agreement for UC-chartered vessels without provided crew. The article also includes instructions on attaching these agreements in the procurement process.


Essential Information

Next Steps

Step 1: Log in to Oracle

  1. Go here
  2. Click the Company Single Sign-On button.
  3. Log in with your Active Directory information.
  4. In Procure to Pay, click Purchase Requisitions.

Step 2: Processing a Vessel Charter

  1. Use the Services Request form to submit a Requisition.
  2. In the Category, select Chartered Vessel.
  3. After completing required information, click Add to Cart button.
  4. When all line items are entered and completed, click the Shopping Cart icon.
    1. This will ask to Review or Submit, click the Review button.
    2. Room Number, is not applicable, to bypass, enter NA.
  5. Attach any Quotes, Invoices, Documents etc. click the Attachments + icon.
    1. If you need additional guidance on attaching, please refer to the KB0033149: How to Add Comments and Attachments to Requisitions in Oracle Procurement.
  6. Review the information and click Submit.

Step 3: Vessel Charter Documentation

  1. Attach the following completed documents
    1. Quotation from the chosen supplier.
    2. Select and complete a Vessel Charter Agreement, including Exhibits:
  2.  Proof of Seaworthiness:
    1. U.S. Coast Guard Inspection (preferred) or 
    2. UNOLS Membership (preferred) or
    3. Exhibit B (reviewed and approved by UCSD Representative)
  3. Insurance Certificate
    1. Policy(ies) shall contain a separate endorsement naming, The Regents of the University of California as an additional insured.
    2. Exhibit A (reviewed and approved by Risk Management)

Supplemental Information

UCSD Representative Contacts


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.