How to Review Customer Account Balances


In Oracle, Billing and Receivables tab, Accounts Receivable module, in Review Customer Account Details view the total amount outstanding and overdue for a customer. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

    1. Log in to Oracle.
    2. Select Billing and Receivables tab, then select Accounts Receivables module.
    3. Click the Review Customer Accounts button on the upper right.
    4. In the Review Customer Account Details page, search by Customer or Account Number.
      1. For optimal results, change the search parameter from Equals to Starts with or Contains.
      2. Enter the Customer or Account Number, click Search.
    5. In Accounts Overview > Details, the results will display.

    6. The Overview tab displays the Total Open Receivables and Total Transactions Due.
    7. Select the Activities tab, you can view transactions for the customer account.
      1. To View additional transactions::
      2. For a range of dates, change the Date parameter to Between.
      3. For after a specific date, change the Date parameter to After.
      4. Select All to include payments in the results:



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