FAQ: Self-Storage Logistics


The Logistics Self-Store facility offers a secure warehouse storage space with a variety of unit sizes, catering to diverse storage needs. To provide clarity and assistance, we provide a compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). These FAQs address common queries about the unit sizes available, security measures in place, and other essential information. By offering this resource, Logistics Self-Store aims to help customers make informed decisions about their storage requirements. The FAQs serve as a valuable tool ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the services and features provided by Logistics Self-Store.

Essential information 


Q: What are the hours for accessing Self-Storage?

A: The hours for accessing Self-Store depend on where your storage unit is located.

Q: What are the Self-Storage rates?

A: The rate per month is $.79 per sq. foot.

Q: What type of security does Self-Storage provide?

A: Logistics provides a combination lock for caged self-storage units.

Q: Can hazardous material be stored in the Self-Storage facility?

A: No, hazardous material is not allowed in the Self-Store facility.

Q: Can Self-Storage be used for personal use?

A: No, Self-Store is exclusively for campus departments and may not be used to store personal items.

Q: Can Logistics provide me with the access code for a unit?

A: Only authorized personnel will be given the access code onsite.

Q: Can Moving Services relocate items to and from Self-Storage?

A: Yes, to initiate this service visit the Logistics Portal and fill out a Logistics Request Form for a Moving Services Job.


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