How to Process Recharges with an MCI file in PPM


Critical Concepts

Manual MCI Files are no longer accepted for recharges. For these few exceptions, an MCI file can be submitted and below are additional instructions and information on the files:

Steps to Take

1. Download the updated MCI File (Version date 04.08.2021)
2. Transaction Type

3. Business Unit

4. Transaction Source

5. Document

6. Document Entry

7. Expenditure Batch

Example = HDH 2020-10-06 1

8. Expenditure Item Date

9.  Project Number

10. Task Number

11. Expenditure Type

12. Expenditure Organization

13. Funding Source Number

For Sponsored Projects the transactions also need to be within the following dates and the dates need to be aligned:
Budget Period Dates
Control Budget Dates
Contract (Award) Dates
Note: Budget dates can not be manually changed after they are set

14.  Quantity

15. Unit of Measure

16. Original Transaction Reference

17. Unmatched Negative Transaction

18. Transaction Currency Code

19. Raw Cost in Transaction Currency

20. Saving the file

Submitting a Ticket for MCI File

  1. Submit MCI Files by submitting a ticket 
  2. Select:
    1. About: Financial Accounting
    2. Related to Oracle: Project Portfolio Management
    3. More Specifically: MCI File Submissions
  3.  Attach MCI File 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a recharge operation file structured?

If you have questions or need additional assistance please submit a ticket