FAQ: Journal Entry Role


This will be an overview on when a Journal Entry Role would be assigned to users


Q:  When can a user request Journal Entry Role?

A:  For one of the following reasons:

  1. To transfer or reallocate Campus Budgets (see additional questions below)
  2. To transfer resources, currently this is a manual process completed by General Accounting (GA)
  3. To correct conversion fund balance, which is currently completed by GA and will only be adjustable until 5/1/21

Q:  What Account will be used for Budget Allocation?

A:  Account 774900 CBO Recurring Allocation will be used for monthly budgeting and resource allocation into the General Ledger (GL)

Q:  Who do I contact for Budget Allocation?


Q:  My Department needs to reallocate budget , can I request Journal Entry Role?

A:  No, refer to your VC Office

Q:  What account is used to transfer Fund Balance from Conversion or to do a Resource Transfer?

A:  Account 774009 Fund Balance Transfer (Debit/Credit)

Q:  Where do I request a transfer to/from Fund Balance Account 774009?

A:  Go to the Resource Transfer Request page

Q:  How to I make adjustments to items that are in the General Ledger?

A:  Adjustments should be made in subledgers

Transaction type



PPM (Project Portfolio Management)



Accounts Payable


Budgets for OPAFS Funds


Resource allocations (reoccurring budget transfers)

General Ledger

ENPETS (Cost transfers that are not payroll expenses)


One-time budgets

EPBCS (enterprise Planning and Budget Cloud)

EPETS (Payroll Expense Transfers)

UCPath via Direct Recto

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Revenue Transfers

Should not be transferred

Q:  Why can my Department not have Journal Entry access in General Ledger?

A:  Primarily due to need and risk

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