Restructure PPM General Projects (Update A) and Project Personnel Assignments (Update B) by 4/28

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Critical Concepts


Steps to Take

Critical Information for Update A

Steps to Take for PPM General Project Tasks to Projects: Update A

1. Register for the PPM Personnel Updates & Tasks to Projects Re-Conversion webinar on Friday, April 16th, if you cannot attend, please locate and watch recorded webinars
2. In the General Projects folder, select the workbook that corresponds with your VC/Entity
3. Once you’ve located your spreadsheet, click File in the upper left corner, Save As, and Download a Copy. Complete Task to Project updates for your FinU(s) within the file by following steps 4-7 below and name your file. Lastly, upload the file into the Complete File folder for your VC area ‘Entity’ when complete.

a. Each workbook is separated by VC/Entity has separate tabs for each FinU, this includes all General Projects
b. Do not attempt to edit directly in the files, you must download a local copy.
c. Recharge Operations are not eligible for this reconversion

4. Enter a Y in column I to convert the current Task to a standalone Project, Task 1
5. Enter an N to leave as is
6. If you have already created a new Project and would like a mass conversion of Costs, please enter the new Project Number in column I

a. For these, we will only process Step 2 above

7. If you have submitted a ticket requesting a new project for reconversion, please withdraw your ticket as soon as possible

a. To self-close a ticket go to > My Stuff > find and click on your Ticket, scroll down and under Actions, click on Close Ticket

Steps to Take to Update PPM Project Personnel Assignments: Update B

1. In this folder, you will find all Awards/Projects/Tasks with current Award/Project/Task personnel assignments
2. Locate the file for your organization and edit directly within the file.
3. Only edit orange color columns: H,K,N,T,W,Z,AF,AH as desired

a. Make sure to enter the email address (not name) of the person you want assigned
b. If you have multiple Tasks in a Project or Award, the Project or Award personnel must be consistent throughout the file, otherwise, the first entry will be updated
c. For example; if you have an Award with 2 Projects, each with 3 Tasks that have 3 unique Task Managers, the Project Manager must be the same for all three rows and the Award Fund Manager must be the same for all 6 rows

4. If any of the columns have changed or the file name is not the same, your file may not be processed
5. Save changes in parent folder by 4/28/21

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket