How to Transfer Funds (Depreciation) to a Renewal and Replacement Reserve Fund


This article focuses on when and how campus will record Equipment Renewal and Replacement Reserves for Recharge Operations for Recharge Activities only.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Determine the depreciation amount using the depreciation schedule (use the depreciation sheet from the rate proposal as the template and include any adjustments that are applicable. Any adjustments must be reviewed by Costing Policy & Analysis prior to being processed.).

In the RMP Recharge Application or API that is used for recharging, use PPM Expenditure Type 774010 - To/From Renew/Replace Equipment Reserves to transfer between Recharge Operating Fund (Fund 12100) to Recharge Equip R and R Fund (Fund 17000) Equipment Renewal and Replacement Reserve.

Account 774010 To/From Reserves needs to be used to process the Debit and the Credit of the transfer to have a net impact on the Account as zero.

For Operations that are transacting on the RMP Recharge Application:

  1. Use the RMP Import Template Equipment Depreciation Template
  2. Follow the guidelines in KB0033521: How to Process Transactions in the RMP Recharge Application with attention to step 9 and 10

If your API can not be configured to process the above transaction, submit a request to get access to the RMP Recharge Application to process Equipment Renewal and Replacement Reserves.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.