How to Request Departmental Deposit Pickups


This article describes how to request department deposit pickups for delivery to the Cashier’s Office using UC San Diego Messenger Services  

What you Need to Know

Steps to Take

  1. Login to the UC San Diego Logistics portal
  2. Click on the Logistics Request Form found on the left side of the webpage
  3. Complete the form as follows:
    • Request Type: Messenger Delivery
    • Package Type: Secure Package
    • Package Count: Enter the number of deposit bags/envelopes
      • For example, if you want 2 deposit bags to be delivered, you will have to put a number 2 in Package Count.
    • Pick-Up Name: Enter your first and last name
    • Phone Number: Enter your phone number
      • Including your number would help the Cashier's Office and Messenger Services contact you should anything happen
    • Pick-Up Room/Building: Enter your location for Messenger Services
    • Project and Task: Include where you want the costs for delivery to be charged
    • Job Date Requested: Include the next business day as the date for Messenger Services to pickup your deposit
      • For example, if you submit the form on Monday, your deposit will be picked up on Tuesday
      • Very Important: Deliveries must be scheduled at least 1 day before service. The cut-off times are 9am for on-campus deliveries and 11am for off-campus deliveries
    • Delivery Name/Location: Cashier's Office
    • Delivery Building: Stu Svcs Ctr
    • Delivery Room: 170
    • Delivery Phone #: 534-3748
    • Does this Shipment Contain Hazardous Materials: No
    • Does the Shipment Contain Dry Ice?: No
  4. Click on the submit button to complete the deposit pickup request

If you have any questions or need help with deposit pick-ups, please contact the vault custodian, Mario Espinoza.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket