How to Calculate Per Diem for Travel in Concur


This guide demonstrates how to use Concur to claim Per Diem (Travel Allowances) based on input of travel dates on a Travel Expense Report, and how to reduce per diem for meals that are provided by conferences. Additionally, you will learn how to offset per diem for meals and lodging by claiming Actual Expense amounts, and how to offset per diem by T&E Card charges. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

How to Claim Per Diem (Travel Allowance)

Once you have created the Travel Expense Report, you can generate the Travel Allowance to claim allowable Per Diem.

1. Log in to Concur.

2. If you are a Delegate, select the Profile of the Payee for whom you are creating the Expense.     

3. Select Expense  module

4. In Report Library, select the relevant Expense Report. 
5. Select Travel Allowance, then Manage Travel Allowance to create a New Itinerary. 

6. In Travel Allowances for Report, select Create New Itinerary tab, enter Itinerary Name for your outbound travel and click Save.

7. In New Itinerary Stop add:

a. Departure City

b. Date and Time

c. Arrival City

d. Date and Time

8. Itinerary Stops, display on left, click Save after each entry, when done entering Stops, click Next.

9. Once the Itinerary is created, the system has built-in Per Diem rates based on Government recognized rates and that will automatically calculate the allowable daily Per Diem amount (Travel Allowance), based on the location. 

10. If no complimentary meals are applicable, click Save and go to Step 11.

a. If a complimentary meal was provided, select Next to display the Expenses & Adjustments tab.

b. Reduce the daily Per Diem for provided meals, by selecting the box for the appropriate day and meal, click Update Expenses.

11. Select Update Expenses and it will auto populate the daily Per Diem Meal and Lodging Expenses for location(s). 

How to Claim Actual Meal and Lodging Expenses

REMINDER: If you're submitting lodging and meal expenses which exceed the allowable per diem, refrain from utilizing both the Travel Allowance Feature and the Per Diem Reduction Spreadsheet.

If the traveler is claiming Actual Meal and lodging Expenses, the daily Per Diem amount must be reduced to the traveler by following the steps below:

1. Verify that Add Travel Allowance steps above have been completed, once all the Per Diem Expenses have been added, take action to claim Actual Amounts and reduce Per Diem. 

2. Select desired Expense Report, select Add expense.

3. In the Create New Expense tab, select Per Diem Reduction.

4. To help you determine the amount to reduce the Per Diem, download and complete the attached Excel Per Diem Reduction spreadsheet, which has formulas to calculate the amount of Per Diem reduction.

a. Complete the document by filling out the following columns:

b. Save as PDF

c. Attach completed document to Expense Report in Step #5.

d. Verify that total published Per Diem rates in spreadsheet match that of generated Per Diem rates in Concur, this process will help to avoid having to add multiple Per Diem reduction entries.

5. In the Expense Details tab, complete all the required fields:

a. Expense Type: Per Diem Reduction

b. Transaction Date: last date of stay

c. Payment Type: Payment to Employee

d. Amount: total amount from spreadsheet e.g. -880.00

e. Payee Non-employee: if applicable, to non-employee who is traveling to foreign location on behalf of UCSD or their domestic travel is over 30 days. 

f. Payee Non-employee Address: if applicable, Pymt ACH 1 or Pymt ACH 2

g. Comment: enter claiming actuals

h. In the Attach Receipt Box, select, upload, and attach the completed spreadsheet document.
Concur does not accept excel format, you must convert it to PDF, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .tif, .tiff are the only acceptable file formats in Concur.

6. Once complete, click Save Expense.

7. The Expense Report should reflect a negative Per Diem Reduction amount.

How to Claim Travel Card Offset for Per Diem 

T&E charges are required to be added to the Expense Report to offset the Per Diem reimbursement.

1. Verify that you have completed upload of Per Diem amounts (Travel Allowance), 1st section and claims for Actual Meal & Lodging Expenses, 2nd section, to the Expense Report.

2. In Concur, select the Expense module, then select desired Expense Report.

3. Select Add Expense

4. In Available Expenses, select an applicable meal T&E charge, and click Add to Report.

5. On the Details tab, select:

a. Expense Type: Travel Card Per Diem Offset. 

b. Amount: the Expense Type, will assure that the amount charged on the T&E card will not be reimbursed to the traveler.

c. Comment: e.g., offset T&E Expense for Per Diem.

6. Click Save Expense

a. The T&E charge in Requested column is 0, will not be paid to traveler.

7. If needed, add additional Expenses, then click Submit Report.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.