Best Practices for Closing General Projects



Project Segment
  • Project segment is a value in the Chart of Accounts
PPM Project 
  • PPM Project is the Project in PPM 
  • PPM Projects are synched daily with the chart of accounts so all PPM projects are GL segment values regardless of PPM project status
Project Status
  • Drives the ability for PPM transactions (costing, billing, etc.) to transact 
Project Dates
  • Drives the ability for costs/transactions to post within the project dates based on expenditure item date. These are driven by the task dates 
Task Dates
  • Costs can post within the task dates based on expenditure item date, regardless of transaction date 
Task Chargeable flag
  • Allows costs to be charged to task or not 
    • Example: a non chargeable task with end date of 9/30/22, will not allow a cost with EI date of 8/30/22 to post 

Checklist for Project Closure

☐ Clear Commitments in PPM, run Manage Committed Costs 

☐ Run GL/PPM recon report by project and clear any variances 

☐ Run the Project Cost Transfer Panorama Workflow Details to ensure ther are no pending cost transfers  

☐ (Optional) If there is a PPM budget, align budget to costs

☐ If project was used in billing, use the Contract Management report to:

☐ Check GL Balance by Project 

☐ Request project closure in PPM by submitted a Services & Support ticket. The PPM SD team will set Project Status to Closed (future enhancement will be in PADUA) 

☐ Currently, Project Segment values are not being inactivated which means that it is possible for GL transactions to still post. An enhancement request has been submitted to ITS (CS1184227) to inactivate the chart segment when the PPM Project status = Closed

☐ If this is the last project on a gift fund, determine if fund needs to be closed and if so, submit Services & Support ticket to Gift and Foundation Accounting to request the fund segment value to be closed (Gift Funds > Gift Fund Setup & Transfer > Inactivate Gift Fund (Oracle or ESP)) 

Checklist to Close Task Only

These steps are not necessary if you are closing a project.  They should only be folled when you just want to close a Task.

Tasks do not have a status, so you will need to consider Task Dates and Task chargeability when you no longer want to use a task and the activity is completed

☐ Clear Commitments-in PPM, run Manage Committed Costs 

☐ (Optional) If there is a PPM budget for the task, align budget to costs 

☐ If Task was used in billing, use the Contract Management report 

☐ Ensure no pending cost transfers: Run the Project Cost Transfer Panorama 

☐ Request Task end date to be the date that no additional costs with expenditure item date will post 

☐ Request Task to be set to non chargeable if you do not want ANY further activity to happen on the task. Please make sure there are no pending transactions before submitting this request

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket