How to Check a Fund Balance or Balance on Chart String Segments


Run the General Ledger Trial Balance Report to see any of the following:

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Run the General Ledger Trial Balance Report

1. On the OFC Home page, select Tools, then Scheduled Processes or Tools > Reports and Analytics

2. Select tab Schedule New Process

3. Click on the drop down arrow and select Search

4. In the Name field, type General Ledger and click on Search

5. Select General Ledger Trial Balance Report and click OK and OK again

6. In Process Details, enter the required data, see blue arrows below:

a. Data Access Set: UCSD

b. Ledger: UCSD Primary Ledger

c. Currency Type: USD

d. Your From Period should be July-20 to get your beginning balance

e. Your To Period would be the period you want to review

7. Click on the Filter icon, see red arrow and box

8. Click on Add Fields and chart string segments will display

a. Click on the fields to narrow Search parameters, use drop down arrows if needed for to Search for segment values

The Ability to Run This Report on Various Filters Allows you to Find Balances for your Needs

Here are some examples:

Example:  For a Fund Balance, filter by at minimum Financial Unit and Account, you can also filter by Fund and Project if you want to limit your query

Below is an example of adding filter fields Fund, Financial Unit, and Account

Example:  If you want to find the balance by Financial Unit(s), your filter will not include fields Account and Fund like the above screenshot, you can add more than one Financial Unit as well by selecting Add Fields and selecting Financial unit multiple times

Example: If you want to find a Balance on a Fund, you would only filter by Fund

The above examples include reports when selecting exact fields, but you have the ability to get Balances on a range of other parameters  

1. Click on the green drop down for any of the fields selected in your filter for advance filter options

2. You will see the options in the red box below when clicking on the drop down that is circled in green below

3. When the appropriate filter parameters are selected based on your reporting needs, click Ok and then Submit

4. Click on the Refresh icon and wait for the process to run, if the Status is not Succeeded, wait and click the Refresh icon again


5. In the Schedule Processes page, scroll to the middle, in the Output section click on Republish

6. A new window will display without data, click on the gear icon

7. Click on Export and select file type you would like to export the report


8. An example of General Ledger Trial Balance report:

Tips on reading the reports:

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please Submit a Ticket