How to Complete an Independent Contractor Request Packet


This article will demonstrate how to complete an Independent Contractor (IC) Approval Request Pack. Review and approval of IC status must be completed before any work is performed.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Step 1. Complete and/or obtain the following documents that are Required for Independent Contractor/Consultant Approval. All items are available within the Independent Contractor Packet

    1. Independent Contractor Prehire Information form
        • The requesting department must complete this form prior to engaging in independent contractor services
        • All sections of this form must be completed
          • Part 1: Requesting Department Information
          • Part 2: Proposed Contractor Information
          • Part 3: Internal Revenue Service Classification Factors Checklist
          • Part 4: Department Authorization and Certification
        • Final signature required from the requesting Department Head
    2. Statement of Work
        • Completed by the requesting department
        • The Statement of Work should clearly describe the work for this project and include
          • Detail specific deliverables
          • Key tasks, activities, and milestones
          • Period of performance/completion time-frame
          • Where the work will be performed
          • Rate of pay
        • Statement of Work examples are available in Blink
    3. UCSD EVRD Conflict of Interest Worksheet (If Required)
      • Completed by the proposed vendor
      • Final signature required from the requesting Department Head
      • Employee-Vendor Relationship Disclosure categories
        • A current University employee;
        • A former University employee;
        • An immediate family member of a current University employee; or
        • Company is owned in whole or in part by a current University employee
    1. Independent Contractor/Consultant’s cover letter and/or resume
      • To be provided by the proposed vendor

Step 2. Attach the required documents to the Requisition, provide a copy to the employee, and a copy to the department

    1. During checkout, in Attachments, click the + sign to add a comment
    2. Enter the proper information
      • In Type, select File
      • In Category, select Miscellaneous
      • In File Name or URL, enter the body of the text (e.g. Independent Contractor Packet Signed)
      • In Title, enter a description of the comment (ICP - Supplier Name) 

Step 3. Procurement will review the requisition and respond accordingly

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494