Industry Initiated Clinical Trial Creation and Invoicing


The article provides a comprehensive overview of the setup process for Clinical Trials, covering the journey from the initial configuration in Kuali Research to the creation of invoices. It offers insights into the various stages involved in setting up and managing Clinical Trials, providing readers with a holistic understanding of the process.

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. To create an Invoice, log into SPARCM.
2. In the Search field, enter the Project Number.
3. Click the HS Billing button to search.

4. If the search is successful, the Clinical Trials Account page displays, click the Invoices tab.

5. On the Invoices tab, click the On-Demand Tools drop-down menu and select Create Invoice.

6. A confirmation dialog box will display, click OK.

7. On the Invoices tab, a new Invoice line will display at the top of the list.

8. Select the new Invoice line to highlight it.

9. At the bottom left of the page it notes that you are editing the highlighted Invoice: "You are editing invoice for xx"

10. Once the Invoice is highlighted, click the Invoice Details tab.

11. In the Invoices Detail tab, on the left-hand side, click the Edit button.

12. The Invoice Edit page will display.

13. For the Fixed Cost, Description field, enter the Invoice line item, e.g. Administrative Start-Up Fee, and the Amount for that line item.

14. Continue to enter Fixed Cost, Reimbursable Cost, and Worksheet items, if applicable, including the Description and Amount for each line item.

15. Once all your line items are entered, at the bottom of the page, click Save, and close the window.

16. After saving the Invoice, in Invoice Details, click Approve.

17. Email the Invoice to the Sponsor, in Invoice Details, click the Email button in the upper left corner.

18. Click Sponsor to populate the sponsor's email address in the To field.

19. A PDF of the Invoice is automatically attached, enter a Message and click Send.

20. The process of creating an Invoice in SPARCM is complete.


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