GRC Module: How to Create Access Models


This articles explains how to create models to review separation of duties conflicts, and custom roles that grant access to the Risk Management module in Oracle. It is important to note, Access Entitlements must be setup before the Access Model is created. When you create a user access model, we select two conflicting access entitlements (available to a role or user). An Access Model ultimately produces results for users to identify instances of conflict.

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Select the Risk Management tab.

2. Select Advanced Controls tile.

3. Select the Models icon.

4. In Active Models, select Actions menu, then Create Access Model.

5. Enter Name and Description, and select the checkbox for Override record limit and return all results for access model analysis to ensure all incidents are identified in results report:

6. Next to Model Objects, select the Add button. 

7. In Access Entitlement row, select the Add button, and the icon will change.

8. To the left of Select Business Objects, click the Done arrow. 

9. Next to Model Logic, select the Add Filter button. 

10. In the Filter dialog box, enter the Name, and then select the Object, Attribute, Condition, and Type, then click the Search icon.

11. In Search and Add dialog box, in Name and Description fields, enter criteria in text fields to search for Access Entitlements to add.

12. Select the desired Entitlement, row will be highlighted, and then select OK.

13. The Entitlement will display in the Value field, then click OK again.

14. Repeat Steps #9-13 to create another Filter for the second Access Entitlement.

15. Select Save and Close to finish the creation process.

16. Open the newly created access model, and click the Security Assignment button.

17. To the right of User Assignment or Group Assignment, select Add.

18. Select the appropriate user Name or Group name, confirm the Authorized As value, and then select Save.

19. To the left of Security Assignment, click the Done arrow to exit.


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