How To Request a New Procurement Card to be Mailed to your Home Address While Working Remote


This article demonstrates how to submit a New Procurement or Travel & Entertainment Card Request without a home address and while working remote. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Create a case via Services & Support to the Procurement Card Team or to the Travel & Entertainment Card Team depending on the card product you are applying for.

2. In the Services and Support Case, complete the Subject and Description Lines as follows: 

          a. Subject: New Card Request- Home Address Submission.

          b. Description: I am submitting a New Card Request in Concur, please send my card to my home address.

              Example: Jane Doe

                             1235 Gilman Dr.

                             San Diego, Ca. 92101

3. To submit a Services & Support ticket to the Procurement Card team, follow the pathway below:

4. To submit a Services & Support ticket to the Travel & Entertainment Card team, follow the pathway below:

5. Click Submit and notate your Services & Support Case# because you will need it next.

6. Log into Concur to create your New Card Request.

7. In the New Card Request Header tab, in the Comments field, enter the Services and Support Case number: CSXXXXXX

a. A Tool Tip has been added next to the Comment field that displays the following when you hover over it: If shipped to a Home Address, please do not include the address here. Instead, please submit a Services & Support to either Procurement Card OR Travel & Entertainment Card team with the home address information. This is for the security/protection of this personal information.

Procurement Card Example:


          Travel & Entertainment Card Example:

8. Once you have finished entering data in all required fields of the New Card Request in Concur, click Submit Request.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.