How to Close a Fabrication


This article will describe how to close out a Fabrication either through Completion or Cancellation

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. To Cancel a Fabrication, skip to Step #7

2. Submit a request to the Equipment Management Office to Close or Cancel the Fabrication using the Services & Support portal

3. Select the following when submitting a ticket:

a. I want to: Ask a Question or Make a Request

b. About: Equipment Asset Management

c. Related to: Capital Equipment Fabrications

d. More Specifically: Fabrications (Closeouts, Requests)

e. Subject: Close/Cancel Fabrication

f. Description: Include the following elements:

1. FAB number (if pre-OFC)

2. Project and Task Number

3. Final quantity of separate equipment items

4. Operating ledger detail or other Expense Report(s) consistent with official financial system records (ie Excel export/download)

5. Expense Reports submitted by departments should confirm the actual cost and are subject to audit

6. For fabrications of multiple equipment items, be sure to specify the cost of each item

4. Once reported as complete to the Equipment Management Office, the equipment will be recorded in CAMS, assigned a UCID number and added to the inventory of the responsible department

5. An Asset Tag will be mailed to the Departmental Equipment Custodian

Note: Cancelled equipment Fabrications that received a pre-Oracle FAB number should be reported to our office to ensure proper updating of CAMS records

6. For Sponsored Projects or Agreements (e.g. Federal Contracts or Grants), the indirect cost rate is not applied to Fabrication Expenses for purchases of Component parts and Fabrication services from external vendors or authorized campus recharge centers

7. If a Fabrication is cancelled, or does not meet the $5,000 minimum cost threshold upon completion, the department should notify Capital Equipment Management, and the FAB record will be cancelled in CAMS

8. Any usage of Fabrication Account Codes for Expense transactions of cancelled Fabrications should be transferred to a Non-Capital Expense Account

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket