How to Record Departmental Support Differential Income


Critical Concepts


OFC Fund Number

OFC Fund Name


Recharge Operating Fund


Misc Sale of Goods/Svcs Fund


SOM-Housestaff/Resident Costs


Lab Service Agreement

Steps to Take

For Recharge Operations

1.  Download and complete an MCI File (Version date 04.08.2021)

a.  Use PPM Expenditure Type 774010 - Differential Income Transfer to Reserve to transfer between Recharge Operating Fund (OFC Fund 12100) to the Differential Income Fund, Recharge Ext Sales Diff Income (Fund 12200)

Account 774010 - Differential Income Transfer to Reserve needs to be used to process the Debit and the Credit of the transfer to have a net impact on the Account as zero

b.  Enter the following parameters for the fields on the MCI file:

2.  Create a ticket in Service and Support to transfer funds to Differential Income with the following parameters:

3.  Attach the completed MCI file to the ticket and Submit

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket