How to Request a Refund for Sponsor Initiated Clinical Trials


The article provides a step-by-step guide on requesting refunds for sponsor-initiated clinical trials. It outlines the process, offering clear instructions and insights to help individuals navigate the refund request procedure effectively in the context of clinical trials initiated by sponsors.

Essential Information


In order to request a refund, a negative invoice must be created in SPARCM.

Next Steps

1. Look up the sponsor-initiated clinical trial using the Project Number in SPARCM.
2. Select the Invoices tab, then select the On-Demand Tools drop-down menu.

3. Select Create Invoice, an Invoice line will display, highlight the Invoice, then select the Invoice Details tab.
4. Create a negative Invoice for the item you need a refund for.
5. Once the Invoice has been created, open a Service and Support ticket for AR Billing - Other and request the refund.
6. In the ticket please use the following format:


If you need any need additional assistance, please submit a ticket here