Oracle Procurement Error Messages


This article provides the list of common error messages and how to solve them in Oracle Procurement.

Essential Information

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1. The following error appears if a Chart String (Charge Account) and/or Project (POET) value is missing.


  1. Make sure to include a Chart String and/or POET during the checkout process.
  2. For more information, refer to KB0033177: How to Complete the Billing Section During Checkout in Oracle Procurement.

2. The following error appears when all project (POET) fields are required.


3. The following error appears when the Billing section is not completed during checkout.


  1. The transaction account definition UCSD Purchasing TAB Accounting is unable to derive a value for all the segments of the Chart String.
  2. There are two scenarios in which this error may appear:
  1. If you are using a Chart String without a Project (POET) number, then the Project fields do not need to be completed.
  2. If you are using a Chart String and a POET, then the fields to the left of the charge account field need to be completed.
    1. Task Number
    2. Expenditure Item Date
    3. Expenditure Type
    4. Expenditure Organization 

4. The following error appears when splitting funding across multiple Chart String values for a purchase.


  1. When split-funding across multiple Chart Strings the percentage breakdown for each line must be entered into the Percentage fields.
  2. Oracle will not auto calculate the difference.

5. The following error appears when the value input into the Requested Delivery Date field occurs in the past.


  1. The Requested Delivery Date must be greater than or equal to today's date.
  2. This may occur if items were added to an Oracle cart, the Requested Delivery Date defaults to one week later than today's date, and then after a period of time the cart is submitted after that Requested Delivery Date.
  3. If a Financial Unit Approver is editing the cart after the Requested Delivery Date, they must change the Requested Delivery Date.

6. The following error appears when an item from a punchout is added to an Oracle cart and it does not have a default Purchasing Category.


  1. Most Punchout items have a default Purchasing Category.
  2. If you add a Punchout item to your Oracle Procurement cart that does not have a default Purchasing Category, submit a ticket so one can be added. Be sure to include the supplier name and catalog number.

7. Oracle Procurement Auto-Rejections


  1. If a Facilities Management (FM) Financial Unit is used, the Work Order Number must be populated or the Overhead Indicator must be checked;
    • Both fields are to the right of the CoA and must be populated on every line in the requisition.
    • FM FinUnits are: 7000046, 7000024, 7000018, 7000020, 7000013, 7000022, 7000019, 7000016, 7000047, 7000021, 7000015, 7000017, 7000014
  2. Purchases using a Health Cost Center should not be placed in Oracle Procurement.
  3. If a Health Cost Center is used, beginning with 42, 42, or 44, the requisition will be automatically rejected.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here, or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494.