How to Resolve Differences Between UCPath Labor Ledger (DOPE) and OFC GL/PPM


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Go to Reports Dashboard: HR/Payroll tab > Payroll Accounting & Reconciliation
  2. Select UCPath-Oracle Salary Reconciliation report
  3. Click RUN button at bottom of screen
  4. Download Report
    • In upper left, from drop down menu, choose Run Excel or Run Excel Data
  5. Review the report to compare Salary Expenses on given chartstrings in the UCPath Labor Ledger (DOPES) to Salary Expenses posted to the OFC GL/PPM Subledger
  6. If the Project in the Labor Ledger (UCPath; DOPES) is different than what is posted in OFC, determine how to correct funding from an override or a correction other than UCPath defaults:
    1. Check to see if the Payroll is on the Default Project
    2. Additional guidance can be found here: How to Find a Default Project for your FinUnit
      1. If it is not, determine whether is should be posted to the Labor Ledger Project (i.e. award is now extended and payroll is allowable)
        1. If it is, ensure that the original SP project (same project in UCPath) that payroll need to be charged has been extended per an Amendment from Sponsor (work with OCGA to update KR and SPF to update OFC) then process an OFC Cost Transfer
        2. If it is not, update UCPath and process a direct retro
    3. Check to see if it is on the override list:
      1. If it is, check UCPath and update the Funding (the labor ledger will not be updated)
      2. If it is not, report this for further research by submitting a ticket to SPF (Sponsored Projects Finance):

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