How to Create a Capital or General Project PPM Budget


 This article demonstrates how to create a PPM Budget for a Capital or General Project in Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC).

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. Login to OFC ( using your SSO.

2. Select Projects and Awards > Project Financial Management.

3. In My Projects page, search for Project Name or Number in search bar or select from list of Projects.

4. Select desired Project. From list of actions, select Manage Project Budget.

5. Manage Budget Versions page will display with Project Name.

6. Click the + symbol to open the menu. Select Create Budget Lines Manually.

7. In Create Budget: Planning Options page, complete the required fields based on the type of Project:

NOTE: The Financial Plan Type can not be changed once created.

    Capital Project (Projects with control budgets):

Name: Version 1
Financial Plan Type: UCSD Cost Only Budget
Description: optional

    General Project:

Name: Version 1
Financial Plan Type: UCSD Cost Only No Control Budget
Description: optional

8. In upper right, click Save and Continue.

9. In Edit Budget page, select Task and click on + symbol.

10. In new Budget row, enter any of the applicable Resource Types and associated Raw Cost (Project Budget Amount).
e.g., Resource Type: Personnel Expenses and Raw Cost: 500,000.

11.In upper right, click on Save

a. To add another budget row, repeat Steps # 9-10. Confirm that Task is selected before selecting + symbol.

12. If you're not finished and want to come back at a later time, click Save in the upper right-hand corner. This allows you to complete the budget assignments at a later time.

13. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, select Save and Close.

14. Once you are finished, in upper right, click on Save, then Submit.

15. In Submit Version dialog box, click OK.

16. In Manage Budget Versions page, click Done.

  1. Your PPM Budget will be auto approved and the system will display Current Baseline.
  2. The Baseline Version is what the system uses for calculations in reports.
  3. You can also create multiple versions to mock up different scenarios of PPM Budgeting.


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