How to Claim a Commitment ID in EPBCS using Smart View


This article describes how to claim a Commitment ID via Task 7.1, which is the first step in creating a new Commitment record in the Resource Commitment Tracking Tool (RCTT). This guide is catered for users of Excel Smart View. 

Essential Information

Next Steps 

  1. Open Excel workbook and connect to EPBCS Planning environment.
  2. Login using Single Sign-On.
  3. Use the + signs to expand the UCSDPLAN and Task List menus, and double-click on 7 - Create and Manage Commitments to open the relevant Task List.
  4. Double-click task 7.1 Activate Commitment to render the form in the active Excel sheet.

    SmartView 7.1 Open
  5. Select the appropriate information from the POV drop-down menus. Starting with the Financial Unit drop-down, click on the down arrow to select the desired Financial Unit available to you. Alternatively, you may search for a Financial Unit by typing directly into the field.

    SmartView 7.1 FinU

  6. Repeat this step for the desired Project, Fund, Function, and Budget Type.

    Only Financial Units that you have access to are available in the drop-down menu. Make sure you select a valid Financial Unit/Project combination, or you will receive an error message when attempting to activate the CTID. You are able to select PJ0000000 : No Project if you wish to transfer resources only at the Financial Unit-Fund-Function level.

  7. Click on the Refresh button located in the far-right of the POV. Once you refresh, the selection POV information appears at the top of the form.

    SmartView 7.1 Refresh

  8. Right-click on an available CTID located in Column A (i.e., CT000000). Make note of this CTID (for a future step in Task 7.2). In the pop-up menu, hover your cursor over Smart View, then click on Activate | Create Commitment.

    SmartView 7.1 Activate

  9. A confirmation message displays indicating the activation was successful - click OK to return to the Task.
  10. If you need to activate multiple CTIDs, repeat Steps #5-9 as needed.
  11. When ready to move on, open a new Excel sheet - within the Smart View panel on the new sheet, double-click task 7.2A Enter Basic Commitment Data - Simplified to render the form on the active sheet.


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