How to Run General Ledger Detail Report


This article will demonstrate how to access and run the General Ledger Detail Report

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take 

1. Access the General Ledger Detail Report on under the Budget & Finance section, General Ledger tab

2. Enter your Report Parameters

  1. The required report parameter is Accounting Period Name, and it is best to provide as many other parameter values, at least one Financial Unit, in order to generate a meaningful report outcome and improve report performance

b. In Accounting Period Name, from the drop down menu, select Oct-20

c. Once selected, Oct-20 will display in Accounting Period Name field

d. In the Financial Unit Code drop-down menu, click the More/Search option  

e. Enter the Financial Unit you want to retrieve

1. Select the Financial Unit number in the left box

2. Click the right arrow to move it to the right Selected box

f. Deselect All Column Values 

1. Select All Column Values in the right box

2. Click the left arrow to move it to the left parameter box

g. Continue adding other parameter values as needed

1. If you don’t select any other parameter values, it will bring All Column Values from default setup

2. Run the report with the setup shown below, click Apply

3. Save your report parameter criteria 

a. Click the cog in the upper right-hand side of your window, under your login name

b. Scroll down and select Save Current Customization

c. Name your Report 

d. Select Me and click the OK button to save your report with the parameters you have entered 

e. Your saved report parameter criteria will appear in the drop down menu under Apply Saved Customization as shown below:

f. Next time, when you access this report parameter page, you can simply go to the cog button, click Apply Saved Customization, and click the one you saved last time

g. You can also edit this customization from the Edit Select Customization menu and delete the existing customization by selecting it, changes the line color blue, and click the X icon and OK

4. Export your report

Section 1: Summary section shows amount information from:

Since All Column Values was selected, this report shows all General Ledger Account level actual activities by each line of combination of:

Section 2: General Ledger Detail Transactions section (scroll down page) shows detail level transaction line items during the specific Accounting period selected

a. To export just the Summary section, go to the end of the Summary section and click Export and choose one of the options

b. To export the Detail section, go to the end of the report and do the same process described above

1. All GL Journal line level transactions are included in the Detail section, so you might have several thousand lines in the Detail section

2. If you choose the Excel 2000+ option from the Export option, it will download the first 500 lines of your total transactions

3. To pull all transactions once, select Data and CSV Format

4. To Export to Excel, click on the cog and select Excel and then Export Current Page or Export Entire Dashboard, even with this option, you can’t pull all pages if your Detail sections have multiple pages

5. Drill-Down to view more detail information on the transaction and access to the source documentation

a. Click on the blue color clickable link in the report as shown in below screen shot, e.g., select Lockbox.100220.50226 link, it shows Receivables Details Action Link

b. Drill down further to see additional information by clicking the Receivables Details link, it opens up to another tab with additional information on the transaction as shown in the screenshot below
For this A/R receipt item, we can see who paid it, on which receipt day, and receipt status from below additional drill-down page

c. This functionality is useful when you want to check your expense transaction, for example, if you would like to know more details on the below RITM0029614-11 item for which amount is $10,866.46. click the link, Invoice Details Action Link 

d. Click Invoice Details Action Link to see additional transaction information on this invoice paid line item as shown in below screenshot:
Additional information available from this drill-down view are Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Supplier Information, and so on

e. In the above screen shot you may notice there is an additional link available from Invoice Number, if you click it, you can see the View Invoice Action link and view the invoice source document

f. If you click the link, Invoice Number, the Invoice Detail screen for the transaction is opened in a separate tab, this page will display more detailed information than the previous page

g. You can also open the original Invoice from the Attachments section – highlighted yellow from below view

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket