How to Create a Change Order to Edit POET Information


This article demonstrates the process for changing POET information on an Oracle Purchase Order (PO). 

Essential Information

Next Steps

Navigate to Oracle

1. Log in here

2. In Procure to Pay, click Purchase Requisitions.

Complete the Change Order

1. In Oracle, access your completed Requisition;

a. For more information on how to do this, please refer to KB0032062: How to Check Requisition Status in Oracle Procurement.

2. From the Requisition document, click on Actions then Edit Order.

3. Click on the Distributions tab.

4. Select the desired line.

5. Click the pencil icon to edit that line.

6. In Project Details, update the POET information, e.g. Project, Task, Expenditure Type, etc.

7. From Actions, select Rebuild Accounts.

8. Click OK to return to the Requisition Page.

9. Click Save

10. In the upper left corner of the Requisition page, in Description, enter the Change Order reason.

11. Click Submit

a. The Change Order will route for approval based on the information that was changed.


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