How to Add Attendees to an Event Expense Report


This Knowledge Base Article will demonstrate how to add Attendees to Event Expenses in Concur

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

How to Add Individual Attendees

1. Enter the required information in for the Event Expense, click Attendees

2. In the Attendees section, select Add 

3. In the Attendees tab, select Attendee Type then search for the appropriate individuals

4. When you select the name, they are added; continue to add until complete

5. After adding Attendees, select Close

6. Select Save after adding attendees, it will take you back to the Details section

7. Select Save Expense to return to the open Report

To Add an Attendee Event Group and Attach a List

1. Enter the required information in the Event Expense, click Attendees

2. In the Attendees dialog box, select Add

Note: A pop-up menu will display

3. On the Attendees tab, select Group of Attendees (100 or less) as the Attendee Type, then select Create New Attendee

4. Enter the Event Name, relevant group description, and select Create Attendee

           a. In Attendee Name, attendee group displays

5. In the Attendee Count, update the number of Attendees and click Save

           a. This action will calculate the Cost Per Person

6. Select Save Expense to update Attendee information

7. To upload the Attendee List, select Add Expense

8. Select + Create New Expense, select List of Attendees as the Expense Type

9. Select the Transaction Date and select Attach Receipt Image to upload saved PDF of Guest List

           a. Acceptable file formats in Concur: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .tif, or .tiff – 5MB limit per file 

10. Enter comments, select Save Expense to return to the open report

To Edit or Remove Attendees/Attendee Group

1. To remove an Attendee from the Attendees section, select the box next to the name you want to delete

2. Then select the Remove button and click on Save

3. To use only some of the names in a saved Attendee Group, click on the Attendee Group tab and select the group you want

4. A pop-up box will appear and you will have the option to choose which names from your saved Attendee Group you want to add to your expense report and then you would click Add to List

5. The names you selected from your group will now appear under your Attendees section and you can either add more attendees or Save 

6. If you added more names and you want to create a new Group, select all the names and click on Create Group

7. You will be prompted to enter the Group Name and then select Save

To Resolve the Expenditure Type POETAF Alerts for the List of Attendees

1. In the open Expense Report, select the Expense Type List of Attendees

2. Select the Allocate button

3. Select the Add button

4. In Expenditure Type field, enter 522002 and select Save

           a. Select Filter button next to Expenditure Type field to search by Code

5. Click Save

6. Select Save Expense to finalize the entry

7. Resolve all alerts and then click Submit Report

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494