How to Change the POETAF or Chart String on a PO Invoice


This article teaches how to update the POETAF or chart string being used to pay for a Purchase Order Invoice. You can do this by navigating to the purchase order, viewing details on the purchase order, and viewing invoices on the purchase order. 

Essential Information

Next Steps

Navigate to the Purchase Order

  1. Log on to OFC, on Home page, select Procure to Pay, then select Purchase Orders.
  2. Click the Magnifying Glass icon at the right.
  3. In Search, select Orders, enter the PO number.
  4. Press the Enter key to search.

View Details on the Purchase Order

  1. Look to the Order Life Cycle:
    1. If there is only an Ordered bar, then no Invoices have been received or paid on the PO.
    2. If there is also an Invoiced bar, then Invoices have been received.
  2. Click View Details for more information.

View Invoices on the Purchase Order

  1. Scroll down to the Invoices section.
  2. If there are any non-zero amounts in the Paid column, then the PO has been partially or fully paid.

NOTE: Now that you know whether or not Invoices have been paid or received, refer to our Promapp for next steps.


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