What is Department Reporting Category and Project Classifications?


Critical Concepts

Fields and Definitions

Department Reporting Category:

All resources are the property of UC San Diego and unless explicitly portable, not owned by any staff, faculty or researcher.  

Department Controlled: Resources whose use is directed by department leadership in accordance with any internal or external restrictions placed on those resources. Examples may include funding for department operations

Faculty Controlled: Resources whose use is directed by faculty while at the University in accordance with any internal or external restrictions placed on those resources. Examples may include Faculty StartUp and Retention funds


Project Classifications:

Project TypeProject Class CategoryProject Class Category CodeDescriptionPrefix
UCSD Capital ProjectCapital ProjectCapital ProjectManaged by Capital ProjectsCP
UCSD Default ProjectDefaultDefaultDefaultDFLT
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingCampus FellowshipsUCSD-funded student support.CFEL
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingClinical AdministrationNon-research efforts for the clinical practice.CLIN
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingCommitted ReservesCommitted ReservesCRV
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingCommitteeCross-campus committees.COMT
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingFaculty DiscretionaryUnrestricted monies allocated to a faculty member.FD
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingFaculty RetentionMonies allocated to a faculty member as part of salary negotiationsFR
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingFaculty Start UpMonies allocated to a new faculty member.FSU
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingGeneral ReservesGeneral ReservesGRV
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingNon Sponsored Research AwardResearch awards from gift or internal sourcesNSRA
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingNon-capital ConstructionNon-capital ConstructionNCCON
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingOperationsProjects created that track costs that support organization operationsOPS
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingOtherAny effort best modeled in PPM that does not fit into an established Class Category and Code.OTHR
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingRecharge RecipientRecharge RecipientRCR
UCSD General ProjectCost TrackingTeamOrganization unit at a level below the Financial Unit structure.TEAM
UCSD General ProjectCourseAcademicCredit-granting courses offered by the campus.ACAD
UCSD General ProjectCourseExtensionCourses solely provided by University Extension. EXT
UCSD General ProjectCourseSAPDStrategic Academic Program Development (courses offered by the academic colleges to the public). Project-Owning Organization is always the academic department.SAPD
UCSD General ProjectEventEventsShort-term efforts to stage a particular event, such as a conferenceEV
UCSD General ProjectFinancial Allocation ModelBlock GrantFunds for Graduate Student Block GrantBG
UCSD General ProjectFinancial Allocation ModelCombined/Other student supportFunds to support student related activities not otherwise representedOSS
UCSD General ProjectFinancial Allocation ModelGSGEIFunds to support GSGEIGSGEI
UCSD General ProjectFinancial Allocation ModelMASFunds to support MAS student programsMAS
UCSD General ProjectFinancial Allocation ModelMaster's GrowthFunds to support Master's GrowthMG
UCSD General ProjectFinancial Allocation ModelTAFunds to support TAs, Readers, etc.TA
UCSD General ProjectFinancial Allocation ModelTemp FTEFunds to support temporary FTEsTFTE
UCSD General ProjectLine of ServiceAuxiliaryAn operation that recovers costs from the publicAUX
UCSD General ProjectLine of ServiceRecharge OperationAn operation that recovers cost from other UCSD entitiesREC
UCSD General ProjectService AgreementNon-Research Service AgreementEfforts where UCSD hands are doing work for third parties, unrelated to researchNSA
UCSD General ProjectService AgreementResearch Service AgreementEfforts where UCSD hands are doing work for third parties - must be created by KR integrationRSA
UCSD Sponsor ProjectResearchPI Initiated Clinical TrialPI Initiated Clinical TrialSP
UCSD Sponsor ProjectResearchResearchTraditional grant for research projectsSP
UCSD Sponsor ProjectResearchSponsor Initiated Clinical TrialSponsor Initiated Clinical TrialSP


Note: All Categories and Category Codes for Type: UCSD General Project are the same for Type: UCSD General Project with Burdening

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