Restructure PPM General Projects (Update A) and Project Personnel Assignments (Update B) by 4/28

This article is published for historical information only


This article contains instructions for departments interested in restructuring PPM General Projects to have fewer Tasks and more Projects (Update A), or updating PPM Personnel Assignments (Update B). Both processes are optional, and departments can choose to implement either, both, or none of the updates. To be part of the one-time automated process, requests for updates must be submitted by 4/28/21.


Essential information

Critical Information for Update A

Next Steps

Steps to Take for PPM General Project Tasks to Projects: Update A

1. Register for the PPM Personnel Updates & Tasks to Projects Re-Conversion webinar on Friday, April 16th, if you cannot attend, please locate and watch recorded webinars.
2. In the General Projects folder, select the workbook that corresponds with your VC/Entity.
3. Once you’ve located your spreadsheet, click File in the upper left corner, Save As, and Download a Copy. Complete Task to Project. updates for your FinU(s) within the file by following steps 4-7 below and name your file. Lastly, upload the file into the Complete File folder for your VC area ‘Entity’ when complete.

a. Each workbook is separated by VC/Entity has separate tabs for each FinU, this includes all General Projects.
b. Do not attempt to edit directly in the files, you must download a local copy.
c. Recharge Operations are not eligible for this reconversion.

4. Enter a Y in column I to convert the current Task to a standalone Project, Task 1
5. Enter an N to leave as is
6. If you have already created a new Project and would like a mass conversion of Costs, please enter the new Project Number in column I

a. For these, we will only process Step 2 above

7. If you have submitted a ticket requesting a new project for reconversion, please withdraw your ticket as soon as possible.

a. To self-close a ticket go to > My Stuff > find and click on your Ticket, scroll down and under Actions, click on Close Ticket.

Steps to Take to Update PPM Project Personnel Assignments: Update B

1. In this folder, you will find all Awards/Projects/Tasks with current Award/Project/Task personnel assignments.
2. Locate the file for your organization and edit directly within the file.
3. Only edit orange color columns: H,K,N,T,W,Z,AF,AH as desired

a. Make sure to enter the email address (not name) of the person you want assigned
b. If you have multiple Tasks in a Project or Award, the Project or Award personnel must be consistent throughout the file. Otherwise, the first entry will be updated.
c. For example, if you have an Award with 2 Projects, each with 3 Tasks that have 3 unique Task Managers, the Project Manager must be the same for all three rows and the Award Fund Manager must be the same for all 6 rows.

4. If any of the columns have changed or the file name is not the same, your file may not be processed.
5. Save changes in parent folder by 4/28/21.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.