How to Submit a Procurement Card Delegation of Authority Request in Concur


This article will demonstrate how to submit a Procurement Card Delegation of Authority Request 

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Procurement Card Delegation of Authority Request

1. Log into Concur 

2. Click on Requests

3. Click on New Request

4. Complete the Request Header

a. For Request Type, select Card & Payment Products Request 

b. For Request name, enter Delegation of Authority

c. Full Chart of Accounts is required for this report

d. For the Business purpose, enter Requesting Delegation of Authority to submit P-card Expense Reports


5. Next to the Request Header Tab, select the Expenses tab

 a. Click on the Expenses tab

 b. On the right hand side in Expense Type, select PCard Expense Report Delegation

6. Complete the fields:

a. Expense Type, select Expense Report Delegation

b. Payment Product Type, select UCSD Procurement Card

c. Enter the last 4 digits of existing Card

7. Click Save in the bottom right corner

8. Optional: On the Request Header tab, click on the red triangle to view acknowledgement of Expense Report Delegation Agreement 

9. Click Submit Request

10. In the Final Review dialog box:

a. Read and review the detailed Expense Report Delegation Agreement

11. Click Accept & Submit

12.Once submitted by the cardholder, this request will be routed:

a. First, to the Department Administrator

b. Second, to the Financial Unit Approver

13. You can check to see if your account has been authorized to have others submit Expense Reports on your behalf by:

a. Clicking on Profile on the top right corner

b. Click Profile Settings

c. On the left hand side under Expense Settings, click on Expense Information

d. If the field PCard Expense Report Delegation has a check mark in the box, your Profile is good to go

14. If there is not a check mark here, your Profile does not have authority for others to submit Expense Reports on your behalf

a. If this should be checked, review the status of your Concur Request to verify that it is not still pending approval by your department

b. Delegation of Authority requests cannot be submitted by anyone other than the cardholder

c. Confirm that you submitted the request in Concur

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.