How to Find IFIS MyFunds Report Functionality from OFC and Other Reporting Solutions


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

How to Access the Summary Level Data of MyFund Report without Projection Attribute from OFC

1. Summary level view of MyFund report shows following reporting attributes:

a. Fund/Index/CM(Current Month) Allocation/(Cumulative)Allocation/CM Expense/(Cumulative)Expense/Lien/Balance/Projection/Projected Balances

2. Most of these reporting attributes can be retrieved from Project Balances with Expenditure Details report
3. In, select Budget and Finance tab, then Project Portfolio Management section, then Project Balances with Expenditure Details report
4. From OFC, you can also find this dashboard from Shared Folders > Custom > Dashboards > Project Balances with Expenditure Details Dashboards

a. This is the KBA link for how to access and run this report KBA0032937

5. This report has five sections: All Projects, Sponsored Projects, Expenditure Details, Commitment Details, and Revenue Details
6. All Projects or Sponsored Projects section provides you with very similar information to MyFund report Summary page view with the following reporting attributes of Budget/Raw, cost/Total Committed Cost/Remaining Budget Including Commitments by Project, Task, and Expenditure Category as below:



7. If you want to pull Non-Sponsored Projects, you can utilize All Projects tab

a. If you have Sponsored Projects, you can utilize the Sponsored Projects page, since it adds several more attributes specifically related to a Sponsored Project

b. However, key reporting attributes are basically similar from All Projects and Sponsored Projects page

8. In All Projects or Sponsored Projects tab

a. The top section of the report captures Inception to Date information, and the bottom section of the report captures specific Accounting period which a user selects


b. The last column Remaining Budget Including Commitments shows remaining balance information including commitment from the budget


9. Thus, this report basically shows a similar Balance information before Projection and Projected Balance from MyFund report

How to Find the Payroll Detail Data and Payroll Projection Data of MyFund Report

In OFC, payroll detail data by personnel level and projection data are not available

1. Actual payroll detail data is available from UCPath such as the DOPE report
2. In, under HR/Payroll tab, select the DOPE report link 
3. In the HR/Payroll tab, it also shows how to access HR/Payroll reports listed in HR/Payroll tab, for access, submit a case to the UCPath Cognos Report Access service


4. Another resource for Payroll projection information is in in the Position Funding and Estimated Payroll Reports

a. If you can’t access, you can contact RSC Systems Help from and submit your access request
b. Once you have access to Research360, your log-in page looks like this:

c. From this page, click My Post Award and then select Position Funding Dist

d. Then, you will see the Tableau sign in page, contact Research360 team,, if you have questions on how to request sign-in credential for Tableau
e. If you have Tableau sign-in credential, you will see the report view below:

1. From their website, it says that the purpose of this report is to provide faculty and staff with the ability to analyze future payroll costs in a simple way and to provide the means to connect these estimated payroll costs back to the Position Funding Inquiry report available within UCPath
2. From Report Status and Data Status Update, you can find detailed instructions on what you may need to access this report
3. Also, you can find UCPath Terms, Purpose of the Dashboard, Calculations, Suggested User Criteria, References and Data Sources information from the main page


5. Once you have all necessary data access credentials, provide your report parameter values and generate estimated payroll report outcome from Estimated Payroll tab

6. You can see payroll projection by employee level and period (July 2020 to June 2021) under the department which you receive HR/Payroll data access permission

How to Find the Detail Expenditure Data of MyFund Report and Expense Forecasting Local Transaction and Related Projected Balances     

1. From above OFC Project Balances with Expenditure Details report, you can find detailed Expenditure data of MyFund report from Expenditure Details and Commitment Details tabs

a. The screen shot below shows what you can see from Expenditure Details view, It brings transaction line information from PPM subledger:


2. There is also Revenue Details tab where you can find revenue side information captured from PPM Revenue Transaction Expenditure Category
3. Also, if you have  the Invoice number, you can see source level information from the line level detail transaction

a. If you click the Invoice link from the column, you are connected to OFC Invoice Details page and will be able to see more detailed information on the specific Invoice number

4. Currently, expense forecasting (local transaction) and following projected balances are not available from any known reports, we expect this kind of report will be developed from the blended reporting solution of Activity Hub in the future

a. Once we find out this kind of report, we will update this section of KBA and share the available reporting functionalities from the report to users

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket