How to Comment on Open Role Requests


 This article will describe how to add people to an open role request and add comments.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Should request submitters add Comments on the Oracle and Concur Role Request?

No, we don't have Agents assigned to monitor comments on open requests unless you request us to do so:

  1. Submit a Ticket to have the Security Team review the status of your request
  2. Select the following options on the form
    1. I want to: Ask a Question or Make a Request
    2. About: Access Requests to Financial Systems
    3. Related to: Oracle Financials Cloud
    4. More Specifically: Oracle Financials Cloud (Access or Role Inquiries)
    5. Subject: Need update on RITM(insert number)
  3. Submit the request and the Security Team will follow-up with you about the status of your case

How to Agents Add People to the External Watch List on an Oracle & Concur Access Request

Follow these instructions:

1. Go to Services & Support, and log into the site

2. If you are on the customer facing user interface, click on the Agent View button

3. At the upper right corner, click on the magnifying glass button

4. Enter the RITM number and then press Enter to search for the request number

5. Once in the request, scroll down to the comments section

6. Click the Add Me button to receive notifications when comments are made on the request

7. Click the Unlock button to be able to manually add users to receive notifications when comments are made on the request

8. There are two main options for searching for people; first is my keyword search, second is by email

9.  Below is an example of how the keyword search works; this method is preferred

10. After adding people to the External Watch List, click the Save & Stay button at the top right corner

11. Add comments in the Additional Comments (customer visible) field, and click the Post button

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket