How to Determine Whether the Supplier is Active in Oracle


This article demonstrates how to efficiently determine if your Supplier is inactive and whether they are registered for Purchase Order (PO) or Non-PO payments.

Essential Information

Next Steps

Determine Whether or Not They're Active

  1. Navigate to Payment Compass.
  2. Log in via Single Sign-On.
  3. Search for your Supplier by Name or Supplier ID.
  4. Once on the Supplier's Payment Status page, you will see their name listed, followed by a number in parentheses:
    1. If the number is eight numerical digits followed by an E or a P, then the Supplier is not active in Oracle.
    2. Register in PaymentWorks if you would like to activate the Supplier.

Determine in Which System They Are Registered

  1. If there is no option to Submit an Invoice for this Payee in the Available Actions menu at the top right of the Supplier's Payment Status page, then this Supplier is one of the following:
    1. Registered for Non-PO payments or
    2. An employee.


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