How to Treat Membership Agreements in Oracle


This article describes how to treat membership agreements in Oracle.

Essential Information

Membership Agreements were converted to Oracle as projects and contracts - not awards. This is due to the multi-contract structure to a single project. In addition, the department manages these contracts  which includes billing and they are treated as service agreements.

The contract approval will go to Financial Operations who will review it to make sure the revenue account and fund are correct and spot check other elements.

Next Steps 

  1. Ensure that a KR PD record is in place in Kuali Research and work with OCGA to finalize.

2. If a new project is needed, submit an Oracle PPM General Project Request and use Fund #12322 Non Gift Membership Agreements *Remember that one project can be used and associated with multiple contracts.

3. Once the project is created, you will need to create contract(s) or associate the new project to existing contract(s) by following the steps outlined in the the following articles:

4. You and/or your department will need to monitor incoming payments and request payment application to invoices through Services & Support.

Consolidating Converted Projects to New Process

Follow these steps for current General Projects that converted or may have been created under 20700 that are membership agreements:

1. Request a new General Project(s) using fund 12322 Non Gift Membership Agreements or request to have existing Project’s Task(s) updated with the new fund. Any existing costs can be updated to the new fund, please identify this in the request.

2. Update contracts to associate new Projects as needed.

3. Process a GL Journal to move from 20700 to Fund 12322 Non Gift Membership Agreements by working with your VC office and the central office will review and approve the entries.

    1. If your VC office does not have access to process a journal, you can submit a Resource Transfer Request 
    2. You can process a cost transfer directly in PPM.

NOTE: In November 2021, the converted billing and revenue were loaded as this was missed during conversion.


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