How to look up Concur-related Credit Memos in Oracle


This article guides the user in searching Oracle for Concur credit memos.

Essential Information

Next Steps

1. 48 hours after the Expense Report has been fully approved in Concur and has a status of Sent for Payment, check Oracle for existing credit memos.

a. Credit memos are considered invoices in Oracle and can be found in a manner similar to other invoices.

i. For additional assistance, please refer to KB0032908: How to Search Oracle for Invoices.

2. In the invoice search screen, select Advanced to open more search options.

3. Search for Employee Name (last name, first name) in the searchable field.

4. Under Add Fields, add Invoice Type.

5. Select Credit Memo as the Invoice Type.

6. Select Search

a. If the credit memo is not in Oracle and 48 hours have passed since the Concur Expense Report was fully approved, please submit a case via Services & Support to the Procurement Card or Travel & Entertainment Card teams, depending on which card the purchase was made.


If you need any additional assistance, please submit a ticket here.