How to Update Financial Elements on General Projects


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Follow the steps outlined below if there has been activity on your project.task and you want to change a Task DFF for Fund/Function/Program or Location or change the project owning organization:

  1. Create a new task or project in the Project and Award Data Update Application (PADUA). See KB0033940 for how to use PADUA
  2. Process resource transfers in GL or cost transfers in Oracle PPM as needed from the old project or task to the new project or task
    1. Do not use cost transfers for any expenses from prior years, as these expenses have already closed out into net position and is no current year expense to offset.  The net impact should be moved through a resource transfer
    2. Review the following Knowledge Base Articles for additional information
  3. Update any upstream systems and users with the new project.task numbers (consider UCPath, recharges, lab personnel, Requisitions etc.) 
  4. You can inactive/close the old projects/task after the balance has been moved out

 If you are using the that project.task for PPM Billing:

  1. If you need to change the Contract Owning Organization or
  2. If you have multiple projects that now need to be individual contracts to align with the project financial setup:
    1. Create a new Contract or additional contracts per project in PPM Contract Management by following the instructions outlined in article KB0032314: How to Create a PPM Contract in Order to Bill External Customers
    2. End date the current contract. If there are any outstanding unpaid invoices on the current contract, wait until it’s paid to process a resource transfer
  3. If you need to add/change the Project or task:
    1. Amend the contract and add the new project or task and mark it active for future invoice by following instructions outlined in article KB0033499: PPM Contract Amendments

If there has not been any activity on your project.task, please attach backup showing that there has not been any activity (such as the GL transactions report) and then submit a ticket as follows:

Ask a question about how to create a new project/taskAbout: Financial Accounting
Related to: Oracle Project Portfolio Management
More Specifically: Create a New or Modify Existing Oracle General Project
and your inquiry will route to the PPM team 
Ask a question about why & which transactions need a new project/task or about resource transfersAbout: Financial Accounting
Related to: Resource and Cost Transfers
More Specifically: Resource Transfer Inquiries
and your inquiry will route to the Internal Controls & Accounting (ICA) team

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket