How to Check Concur Documents for UCOP Chartstring Values

There will be a new Request User Interface (UI) in Concur Starting October 1. The process outlined below will not change but the screenshots will be outdated. We'll be working on updating all related knowledge base articles in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, here is a quick look at how the new Request UI will look starting October 1.


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Review the following locations in Concur for COA/POETAF potential errors:

Request Header

1. Select the Requests module, the list of Active Requests will display, to change the view, select View then select the desired Request

2. In the Request, the 1st tab is the Request Header, review and verify the Fund, Financial Unit, Function, Program, Location, Project, Task, and Funding Source is correct

Request Allocations

1. Select the Expenses tab, to view any Allocations on the Request

2. Any Expense with an Allocation will be indicated with a Pie Chart icon

3. Select the Expense, then Allocate on the lower right, to view the Allocation

4. Review the information, then click Cancel

Expense Report Header 

1. Select the Expense module from the top of the page, select the desired Expense Report from the list

2. In the Manage Expense tab, in Report Details, select Report Header from the drop-down menu

3. In the Report Header, scroll down to the Financial information section and review to verify that no OP values are found, then click Cancel

Expense Expenditure Type

1. In same Expense Report, select an Expense to view Expense Details

2. Scroll down to review the Expenditure Type field to ensure that no OP values are found

3. If an OP value is entered, enter an SD value, if you don't have that information, consult your Fund Manager 

4. Review each Expense in the Expense Report, the Expenditure Type can differ on each Expense 

5. When done reviewing, click Cancel to return to Expense Report

Expense Report Allocation

1. In the Expense Report, select an Expense, by clicking the checkbox, then select the Allocate button on the task bar 

2. Review the information to verify that no OP values are found

3. To edit an Allocation, select the Allocation and then select Edit

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the IPPS Help Desk at (858) 534-9494