How to Change the UCSD "Contract administrator" in OFC's General Contracts Module


This article guides you through how to update the Contract Administrator within Oracle.

Essential Information

Next Steps


1. From the Oracle home page, select Billing and Receivables tab, then select the Contracts module.

2. Enter desired Search criteria to pull up the contract.  Search can be performed using various attributes, such as Contract Number, Party Name, Contract Owner, etc. For a list of additional searchable fields, click Add Fields button, and select any additional fields.


3. Once results are returned, select the contract by clicking the hyperlinked contract number.


4. Navigate to Parties tab and highlight Supplier role, then select the Magnifying glass as shown here.


5. Enter the Search criteria, such as Name.  Select Search button, highlight the desired record and click OK.

6. When returned to the previous menu, select the dropdown next to the Save button, and hit Save and Close.


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