How to View Transactions and Balances on a Chart String


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. On the OFC Homepage, click on Tools, then Scheduled Processes

2. Select tab Schedule New Process

3. Click on the drop down arrow and at the bottom, select Search

4. In the Name field, enter General Ledger and click on Search

5. Select General Ledger Account Details Report and click OK and OK again

6. Enter the desired From and To Accounting Period

7. In Process Details, Basic Options, click on the Filter icon

8. Click on Add Fields, the segments in the chart string will display

9. Select the segments in the chart string to narrow the results and parameters

a. Generally filter at least by Financial Unit and Account and further as needed

10. Enter your parameters as needed for your filter, then click OK

11. When back on the Process Details screen, on the top right, click Submit

12. On the Scheduled New Processes tab, the report you generated will display at top, click on the Refresh icon, until the Status changes to Succeeded

a. Wait for the process to run, if necessary, click Refresh againĀ 

b. When complete, click on Succeeded

13. Scroll to the middle, in the Output section click on Republish

14. The General Ledger Report tab will display without data

15. Click on the Settings icon, click on Export and select the file type to export the report

16. You will be able to view the chart string and description as overall balance


Sample report on Account 402703

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